Ze'nean Oak


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Ze’nean Oak (pronounced Zeh-Neene) is founded on the principal that nothing need go to waste. Everything has value.

We just need to look for it!

Currently, we focus on using unwanted fabric such as sheets, table cloths, drapes or large areas of material that have been discarded or donated.

And we turn them into Ze’nean Oak style pants and skirts.

Our pants and skirts (with other items to come) are comfortable, feminine and eye-catching. They are handmade in the USA and exemplify detailed, fine-quality tailoring.

Additionally, we methodically search out donated apparel & accessories that uphold the SSPX01911Ze’nean Oak look; we then offer these little gems for purchase either individually or together with an ensemble in which we have featured them.

Ze’nean Oak is a champion of modesty and the beauty of femininity and masculinity! We have found that these concepts are not mutually exclusive, but rather very good friends and supportive partners. –>

Q! Ze’nean – Designer/Owner

qscarf3.1<——– An appreciation for functional art has pursued Q! Ze’nean since her youth and prompted her eventual undergraduate degree in Arts, Marketing and Human Environmental Sciences. After years of cultivating her skill at creating one-of-a-kind gifts & accessories from discarded pieces of fabric and other repurposed materials, her passion for nurturing such treasures has landed her attentions in the area of fashion, at-large.

As a stylist, Q! specializes in sharpening your closet to its most flattering necessities and showing you how to pair a minimal number of garments to create a vast array of stylish, striking looks.


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