Ze'nean Oak

the Knapp Sakk

The Knapp Sakk is the productive woman’s key to sustainable, fashionable and organized living on-the-go.


It Fits!

The use of recycled materials (repurposed fabric and found pieces) means that no two Knapp Sakks are alike. You’ll get to purchase something totally your own!

kanppsakk3  kanppsakk1

Fits…your liftestyle! Nestle your Knapp Sakk within most medium to large purses.

Easily transfer your essentials!

And it’s so cute, you can also wear it alone!


It’s like having your cake, and eating it too!

One Knapp Sakk contains:


  1. 1 cozy Base Bag handmade from re-loved fabrics. A supple cotton sateen lines many of our Base Bags; these linings sport exclusive designs by Ze’nean Oak; and are also certified organic by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

    And did I mention…Your new pouch is reversible!IMG_20141014_140307

  2. the Knapp Sakk’s organizational pouches are found at local thrift stores and charity sales that often benefit not-for-profits. Pouches are meticulously sifted and selected based on distinct style, quality and color coordination. Your Base Bag contains:
    • one inner purse with a hip-length shoulder strap;
    • and two coordinating pouches to help organize earbuds, change and other miscellaneous.


Do Good. Feel Great. Look Amazing.


You can find ready-made Knapp Sakks at…

Hooopla’s, An Emporium of Good Things – Phone: six-two-six  797-1135

2591 Fair Oaks Ave, Altadena, CA 91001

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